We are only at the beginning of what should be possible with computers to learn and create.

Why CodingBrain exists

Keeping up with the rapid advances in software development is a daunting task for every developer. Acquiring new skills is a scattered process, ending up in a diverse collection of tutorials, stackoverflow answers, books, videos, code snippets, configuration files, personal notes and so on. The sheer volume of available sources makes storing and retrieving a challenge that grows every day.

CodingBrain unifies any kind of learning material into one place, simplifying information retrieval. Imagine a clever bookmarking and personal search engine tailored at software developers. But this is only the beginning of what CodingBrain wants to offer.

In programming, learning and creating goes hand in hand. The most effective way to learn a new skill, for example a programming language, is to create something. At the same time, even though every day something new appears, most often it is the same thing in different clothes. This is particularly true in software development. Today's tools don't take advantage of these facts. We are only at the beginning of what should be possible to learn and create using computers.

Who is behind all this?

Bernhard, a coder, tutor and life-long learner

As someone who's profession and passion is to keep up to date with the latest advances in software development, he has always thought that learning and coding could be done much more effectively. He is building what he is missing and considers CodingBrain a long-term project with lots of future potential.

Always open to chat and eager to exchange ideas, he can be reached at this blog: .

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