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CodingBrain is a knowledge management, research and productivity app for coders, bloggers and life-long learners.

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Don't just browse tutorials, read books or watch videos. Learn more efficiently by using the right tool. CodingBrain supports you during each of the four phases of acquiring a new skill

Phase 1: gather new material

Quickly scan sources and collect findings

Visit Google™, Wikipedia™, Stackoverflow™, blogs, tutorials, manuals, etc. as you always do. By using CodingBrain, however, the content of all the sites you visit will be remembered and you can easily grab facts, snippets and keywords into your notes. Annotate websites and access automatically generated summaries. This phase is all about speed and rapid gathering of new material.

Phase 2: digest & organize facts

Re-organise, structure and process findings

This phase is about relating new facts with already existing knowledge. In CodingBrain, you can instantly move content around, paste into similar files or create new notes from existing content, link files, insert urls or associate searches. It automatically creates and assigns tags to your content and actions. CodingBrain always aims to provide you with all the context information you need.


Phase 3: apply & practise

Generate code, blog posts or any kind of file directly from sites and notes

Select content in CodingBrain, either in a note or on a website, and directly generate files from it. Link generated files to your notes so you can easily switch between documentation and code. Create notes from searches or websites. In CodingBrain, almost every file, directory or fact is just one click away. This phase is about making you as productive as possible.

Phase 4: remember

Find everything you have written, visited or done.

How often have you figured something out only to forget it shortly after? This critical phase is about helping you to stop wasting time by looking up again what you have already learned. Almost everything you do in CodingBrain gets recorded. Sophisticated search is an integral part of CodingBrain. Search for Markdown headers, code snippets or tags. All sites you have visited are indexed, including summaries and your annotations, and all your searches, file actions etc. can be retrieved. This phase is about never forgetting anything.

CodingBrain does not lock you in. You are already using your favourite Markdown editor and you can keep working on plain-text files. No cloud, no spying on you, it's all on your laptop. CodingBrain is the missing tool in your work-flow to make you become better faster.

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